PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

GamerGate + You (part 2)

on September 12, 2014

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1. Why did you personally get involved with the #GamerGate tag?

Agayek: “I got involved because the media collectively decided to lose its mind and comport themselves with a complete lack of professionalism or standards in the public space.  The mass censorship over a topic that concerned the public interest (specifically, Nathan Grayson’s alleged conflict of interest in his coverage) followed by the extremely vile and petty behavior of journalists and media personalities on Twitter was simply disgusting to my sensibilities.  There was a complete lack of professional conduct from people like Devin Faraci, who respects ISIS more than people who disagree with him, or Leigh Alexander, who openly threatens developers.  Many, many professional media personalities have displayed disgusting levels of personal and professional conduct, and it infuriated/s me.”

Anon13: “i was already involved in the opposition to sjw’s, a toxic group of people(more like a type of people) who feel that they need to control or bully everyone into thinking like they do, they pretty much hate anyone that isn’t part of their group, but i would say they hate american mainstream society the most(the white supremacist heteropatriarchy as they would call it Emoji ), they are in a sense a fledgling hate-group. their people had started to infest the games media and the gaming community. so when the whole scandal broke out and i noticed their very hostile reaction to our demands of simple honesty and transparency, to hold themselves to some standards, i joined the fray. hoping that developers, industry people and other gamers could see just how toxic these SJW-journalists and their allies are, and put a stop to them and hold them accountable for their actions/behavior and also institute transparency.”

@Kawalorn: “I personally got involved in Gamergate when all the journalistic sites ignored what happened to The Fine Young Capitalists and tried to remove all the discussion about it. My resolve became doubled when all those articles appeared, insulting gamers and those who didn’t agree with authors views (which I am both).”

Anon14: “I do no have a twitter account. I’m just someone who posts on 4chan and is fed up with reviewers and critics trying to push their agendas.”

Anon15: “Personally, I strongly and vehemently will combat censorship wherever I see it attempt to take root. If we truly believe games are artforms, then creators should then be allowed to freely create, not be policed by people pushing agendas that are contrary to what art really is, ie: expression of self, or expression of artistic merit. I fought against SOPA/PIPA/NDAA as well, full disclosure. I’m naturally a rebel, and I believe that the inherent nepotism and incestuous nature of the independent scene, devs, and politics is extremely disconcerting. No side should be allowed to control narrative exclusively, and no creators should be forcefully bullied or harassed out of doing what they love, unless they prove themselves completely untrustworthy with responsibility. I think the current culture has proven untrustworthy, and almost downright savage in their depiction of #GamerGate. I also think that a lot of people got involved”

Anon16: “Because some people in the games media and mass media decided 10 articles telling us gamers are over was a good idea. They should have known better and its surprising they did not.”

Anon17: “I’ve hated the direction games journalism has been heading toward for years. When I was informed that there may have been corruption taking place, I decided to stop taking the “ignore it” approach and get involved.”

rudebrowndude: “People on forums have been bitching for years about different sites and bias/corruption. Personally it has always upset me a bit to see these sites continue to reinforce toxic attitudes and ideas and then shame a culture with those same stereotypes they pushed, and pander to. For me the point was when I discovered what had happened to The Fine Young Capitalists and seeing the swath of articles that followed which blatantly enforced double standards considering how often these same sites ran hit pieces and lazy op-ed’s. But even worse was hearing the story behind the scenes about how sites simply refused to give the project coverage due to certain people not wanting an outsider to do good in the industry. Confirming the reason I stopped visiting around ’07: that this was an industry where everyone was afraid to be the person to upset whoever had control.”

Anon18: “i saw writers i deeply respect eagerly destroying their credibility; some outright lying and using issues that affect me personally as the justification for their lies.  i saw developers being punished for having opinions that contradict the party line. and then the ‘social justice warriors’ doxxed and outed a trans kid”

Anon19: “I was really mad when kotaku published an article calling gamers dead. referring to us as as white male basement dwelling virgins.  i’ve been gaming since texas instruments and nes.  I don’t like a gaming site using the stereotypes we have fought so hard to change over decades. a gaming site posting articles about how women in games should be included more yet exclude a section of their readers by using hate and stereotypes. There is a lot of irony in that.”

Anon20: “It seemed interesting, but I was here more to stop the harassment going on than really getting involved. I like games and equality so can’t stand the harassers and hate coming out. Also somehow leaked to non-gaming areas.”

Anon21: “I first heard about it through the Zoe thing and thought ‘heh… whatever.’  But after I learned that there were other concerns regarding patronage and possible influence peddling, I looked into it more and found that that side of things was being marginalized by a… privileged few. I became a ‘victim’, and I use the term loosely, of that marginalization myself at one point and decided to jump in to see if I could do anything positive.”


2. What do you think the major goal of #GamerGate is?

Agayek: “The big one is simply to be able to trust that the publications we go to show their customers some basic degree of respect.  We want these websites to adopt, and adhere to, a basic standard of journalistic ethics, the same kind that exists in every other media, enthusiast or otherwise, in the world.  TheEthical Guidelines recently adopted by the Escapist, or something along similar lines, is pretty much exactly what we’re after.”

Anon13: “to make the journalists and their allies realize they need to take responsibility and look at themselves in the mirror. that they need to hold themselves to some form of integrity.”

@Kawalorn: “GamerGate goal is for gamers to be properly represented and respected in the media, and for game journalism to provide fair, truthfull and unbiased articles about the media.”

Anon14: “Transparency and accountability in games journalism.”

Anon15: “Transparency, and ultimately, to show that gamers aren’t the problem. The people trying to manipulate the narrative ARE. The rest of us are just people attempting to enjoy a hobby without stigma. I grew up with two sisters and a mother who game, and most of us have similar awesome stories about sharing great memories about how inclusive gaming really IS, away from the constant barrage of insults thrown our way. I’m human, with feelings. More importantly, a lot of us idolized and loved games greated by awesome ladies like Roberta Williams, Jane Jensen, Kiki Wolfkill, and I could literally go on and on. I like Sarah Northway’s Rebuild series quite a bit. Getting TFYC funded is probably one of the best and noblest goals we can aim for as well.”

Anon16: “There are several goals, The most obvious one being transparency/ ethical standard where they either dont write about their friends and lovers or at least disclose they are friends and lovers. The only reason we know is cause of their behavior in the ZQ affair.”

Anon17: “More transparency, better journalistic integrity, leas colluaion and cronyism and less agenda pushing and gender shaming.”

rudebrowndude: “Personally to show these same sites and companies that it is us, the consumer, the ‘dead gamer’ who has control. It is us as people. We who light the spark in younger generations, who link articles, who they need for clicks. It’s us who they should be accountable to, not industry friends, or advertisers. 

It’s to get this atmosphere of shame and corruption removed from something we love and want to be proud of. Stop portraying us vile people we aren’t. Yes there is abuse in online gaming but if it’s going to be reported report it all champion for industry solutions rather than look to lay blame at people’s feet. Remember just because there are murders in society we don’t decide we need a mass genocide oaks cull of human beings. We don’t walk around saying all humans are scum (and of you do you’re a massive hypocrite or idiot IMO).”

Anon18: “creating clear guidelines for transparency and ethical reporting in games media.
bringing awareness to a specific brand of corruption and nepotism we were previously unaware of.
depoliticizing the games industry. no one should be have to be afraid of their identity or political beliefs damaging their career.
proving that vidya can be inclusive without being a hugbox”

Anon19: “there are some that started as trolls harassing others, but most of us joined after the gamers are dead articles.  don’t believe me check the twitter traffic on topsy. most of us want an inclusive area where we can get reliable news that isn’t tainted by personal connections. most of all we don’t want politics in our gaming. gawker has a bunch of sites i could go to and writers could write for if we want to talk politics.”

Anon20: “At the moment, gamergate seems like a mashup of people with trolls and opportunists mixing everything. There doesn’t seem to be a clear “goal” besides less harassment (more if they are trolls) and varying “objectivity”.”

Anon21: “I think there’s a lot of noise surrounding it, even within it, but overall, it’s to get some integrity restored into gaming journalism. Think of a neighbourhood trying to take its streets back from the dirty cops and gangers who control it.”



3. Is this your main goal, or do you have something else you’d like to see addressed too?

Agayek: “That’s the main goal of #GamerGate.  We’d also appreciate not being talked down to and having an obvious agenda [PixieJenni note: see Agenda answers] shoved down our throats constantly, but adopting the aforementioned ethical guidelines and treating their readers with respect would resolve that issue nicely, so I don’t see any reason to push for it in particular.”

Anon13:”personally i wish that they would stop politicizing everything , people are walking on egshells and are affraid of speaking up against them. they need to learn to  get allong with people who aren’t part of their ideology”

@Kawalorn: “I am absolutely behind the above points however I personaly put bigger emphasis for the journalist to not give exposure and positive press to people who do not bring value to it and therefore do not deserve it. However it’s just my great personal bias, as I really dislike when things like that happen.”

Anon14: “This is my main goal.”

Anon15: “I go wherever I feel there’s still work to be done, to be honest. I’d like to see some of us still stick together and start attempting to change the AAA studios next. There’s so much material there that could be changed for the better, and more importantly, in a way that’s beneficial to consumers.”

Anon16: “Yes, they did not just attack my longtime hobby several articles was also extremely negative towards my gender . I personally have had it with anti-gamer and anti-male articles in the games media.”

Anon17: “I would like to see Brad Pitt naked.”

rudebrowndude: “Ummmm… I probably should have read this before going only last rant but yeah I’m sure there is more stuff i could come up with if I was talk to others.”

Anon18: “i would like my gender identity and sexuality to stop being used to justify political agendas”

Anon19: “simple end the corruption. if it cant be ended than i don’t need them.  I am a family man and this is only a hobby.  one that introduces me to new people, and provides joy in my life. it is however a hobby i can leave behind if it doesn’t change.”

Anon20: “My goal is to stop this from leaking out.”

 Anon21: “To me, that’s all it is. Any arguments about Zoe’s (or anyone’s) personal  life/actions are irrelevant aside from how they point or extend to possible professional improprieties, and the abuse thrown by both sides has existed before, and will exist after.”


4. How do you feel about the negative things that have happened attached to this tag? Do you think they take away from it, or that they’re separate?

Agayek: “I don’t know.  Do the things said to people involved in the movement take away from their points? Ideas stand or fall on their own merits.  The actions of some deranged lunatics on Twitter in no way diminishes the validity of the points being raised, just as impeccable behavior on the part of (some/most of) the people raising the points does not increase their validity. That said, I do feel that a lot of the negative things that are attached to the tag exist only because the wider gaming media refuses to actually cover the issues and keeps insisting it’s all about sexism.  There’s very little sexism or misogyny or whatever involved here.  It’s a consumer revolt, where people of all stripes are simply sick of the lack of professionalism in the industry and are informing said industry that we won’t take it anymore.  Except almost every time an article comes out about it, it’s all about how the whole affair is a sexist and misogynistic conspiracy to drive women out of the hobby, and that’s what’s creating the negative impression.  Not any action of the people pushing for a better and more professional press.”

Anon13: “the gg movement is diverse and rowdy, it is filled with level-headed people and angry people, calm people and passionate people, we try to police our own, and for a large part we succeed. and if the people say vulgar things i would say that this changes nothing, the language doesn’t matter to me, its the intent and the actions, we condemn those who commit immoral actions”

@Kawalorn: “Of course it would be nice if our voice could be in unity however it is impossible. People should be able to understand that and see those people are a minority and should be ignored. I believe them as unrepresentative but I know that they may damage the movement.”

Anon14: “I have a thick skin. It doesn’t bother me much, but I find it (I don’t think there’s a word in English for this, but I’ll try anyway) hilariously sad that people who support this hashtag have been linked to Nazis and ISIS.”

Anon15: “I think it’s separate, and I’ll be honest, there’s probably more terrible things that have happened to people on the #GG side of things, than on the anti-#GG side of things. I hope it opens some peoples’ eyes about how ugly people can be, PERIOD.”

Anon16: “I am completely against harassment, threats and doxxing. However lets be honest. Anyone can attach a #hashtag. Anyone including you can harass a person attach #GamerGate and ask me how I feel about it. There is no real connection or association. Compare this to ZQ herself retweeting doxxing the guy from The Fine Young Capitalists and then several media refusing to write about it (while a lot of them have private relation with either ZQ, or the persons she had relations with including Maya Kramer.
Completely separate. Lets be honest. If they were not seen as such we would give the harassers the power to destroy any hashtag. That would be rewarding them. Personally I think the harassment mostly is done by hacktivists who mainly care about keeping the internet free from censorship. Their main concern is not us gamers.”

Anon17: “The ignorant people who think that this is just about misogyny and manbabies crying will no doubt cloud the opinions of people who know little of the subject. There have been a few and I mean few people who came in neutral and did their own research but I think far too many people are lazy and just want to crack a joke at the expense of others. I want to say they’re separate but people don’t seem to have the ability to separate things without help.”

rudebrowndude: “I’m new to twitter (1 month old) so I don’t put too much stock into it yet. However I do feel that some of the negativity, whilst not promoted by the majority within the community, does hurt the tag and can paint it in a bad light to others who are not as well informed as to how many people and issues the tag encapsulates. But ultimately I feel that is something the media outlets have only made worse by suppressing discussion and limiting it to biased articles/videos and the 140 character limit, instant reaction atmosphere of twitter. I would prefer a more open platform like a google hangout or podcast hosted by a neutral party. As opposed to singular views that limit exposure to differing opinions.”

Anon18: “twitter is a mob. harassment is unfortunately inevitable.  the goals of #GamerGate are more important that the actions of any individual ”

Anon19: “I hate them, harassment is the lowest form of intellectual discussion.  I don’t feel it detracts at all from our message whenever something becomes large enough you will see idiots come out of the woodwork.  look at call of duty online.  is call of duty bad because of it or gta.  we genuinely want to discuss ethics.  I myself was attacked about my disability and military service.  however i realized it was only a couple of people not the opposing movement. “

Anon20: “The negative things take away from it, especially the attacks and personal information coming out. There doesn’t seem to be a point to doing that besides making everyone else (even the same “side”) unhappy. ”

Anon21: “I think they’re unfortunately inevitable on both sides, and should be looked at as noise rather than signal.”


5. Are there any things #GamerGate seems to be addressing that you disagree with?

Agayek: “Not really.  All I’ve seen from #GamerGate is addressing the concerns with the journalistic ethics and professional standards of the gaming media.  I agree with pretty much every point in that regard.”

Anon13: “none”

@Kawalorn: “No, I don’t think there is anything I disagree with.”

Anon14: “Besides the lingering focus on various devs and journalists I completely agree with what the movement is saying at the moment of writing this email (9pm GMT+3, 9/11 2014)” [PixieJenni note: smart move, person who dated this, I like you!]

Anon15: “Not yet? I think people have naturally gravitated in an awesome way to self police to insure that people who claim things in the name of #GG are called out and/or stopped and explained to.”

Anon16: “No, there are just different priorities. I think the main reasons for Gamergate was the arrogance in trying to censor the Quinn-discussions even deleting 20.000 posts on reddit and then the arrogance writing anti-gamer articles declaring gamers over because “media says so”. This is one of the dumbest things in the history of internet. “

Anon17: “No.”

rudebrowndude: “No. Don’t get me wrong as I said before there will be many people who different things from gamergate but ultimately what it has done, along with #notyourshield is give people a chance to be honest about those things. And whether we feel they are appropriate or not, I personally think discussion is healthy as it raises understanding and awareness. Now there are trolls on both sides who will attempt to make The tags about attacking other people or revenge or whatever else but that isn’t it’s purpose, and nor should it be. To try and address personal issues, complaints and experiences such as those on twitter I feel is counter productive.”

Anon18: “i think any more words on zoe quinn or anita sarkeesian are wasted air. i think people should stop harassing tim schaefer; he has no impact on the discussion”

Anon19: “nope only the few that want to bring issues about isis or harassment into it. oh and i disagree with how games journalists have tried to silence and kill off a movement by writing articles against it, deleting comments, and those who have tried to start gameethics to splinter off #gamergate.  those were bullshit pr moves (only time you will see me swear here).”

Anon20: “”SJW”s and feminists as groups, it’s like addressing all “gamers” as a group. There’s a range of people in groups, people shouldn’t just think of them as all the same, but people do because it’s “easier” especially if it’s an “enemy”. Although the 140 words and having to shorten things could be part of it…”

Anon21: “There is infighting, of course, since it’s a loose coalition with no central authority, but in general I think it’s on point. I would prefer that any kind of personal vendettas or distractions be avoided by anyone who supports it, however.”


6. Are there any things #GamerGate is ignoring that you want it to talk about?

Agayek: “Not that I can think of.  Again, all I’ve seen from it is addressing concerns with ethics and standards from the perspective of consumer advocacy.  I don’t see there being anything more or less that needs to be discussed.”

Anon13: “none that i can think of, nor do i want the movement to be about my whims”

@Kawalorn: “No, I don’t see anything I’d like to for GG to talk about.”

 Anon14: “Not at the moment, no.”

Anon15: “One goal at a time. :)”

Anon16: “Not here, the important other points are made under #NotYourShield.”

Anon17: “No.”

rudebrowndude: “A few but as I said those are more debate topics where I feel it would be irresponsible of me to speak without actually having an open dialogue about the issue with others in a public forum that promotes openness and honesty.”

Anon18: “i would like greg tito to apologize to the wizards”

Anon19: “Not really we are discussing mostly corruption from all sexes, though a great deal discovered centers around silverstring media and phil phish (i believe thats what they are called).   most causing the problems we discuss don’t care if the industry crashes and burns like atari did.  as long as they can change it into their opinion of what it should be. like i said equal rights are fine but when you hire someone to host the GDC and she spouts so much hate.  like the audience cant handle her because she’s a woman.  and most have never seen a vagina.  think for a moment if a man went up on stage and told women they couldn’t handle the fact he’s a man and have never seen a penis.  its just sad when the fight for equal rights becomes the fight for more than equal rights at the cost of others rights.”

Anon20: “Not sure, focusing on more issues could be good/bad. I’ll just list some general ones that may come up: Bigger sites/companies, Youtubers/bloggers, other countries’ journalists(seems to be some non-english tagging now), Asian media/games, general news sites would be an extreme.”

Anon21: “Not particularly.”


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