PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

Problems A Respondent Has With GG

on September 24, 2014
Sticking to only one specific point for brevity. Disclaimer, when I talk about GG, it is (must be) a generalization, about the “movement” and not about particular people. But I would maintain that it is an informed one, built from following the public discussion (mainly the hashtag, /v/ and reddit).
And don’t tell me I got GG “wrong” because “in reality” it is about the “three C’s”, CoI, Corruption, cronyism, and has nothing to do with ZQ, AS or defedning the free world from indoctrination by the marxist-feminists. The amount of content on the “three C’s” unrelated to the latter is marginal. I didn’t get my view on GG from the “corrupt media trying to frame them”, this is my impression from watching it directly at the source.

GG builds on a huge body of “truths” about the evils of their “enemy” which are in fact wild speculations with no base in reality. GG abandonds any critical thought and ethical behaviour once it gets a whiff of a possibility to smear their “enemies”. Because GG has already established their enemies’ inherent evil, they don’t deserve the benefit of doubt. Speculations enter the collective wisdom as “established facts”, and form the base of all the righteous rage on display.

Case in point, because it illustrates a reoccuring logical flaw: Did you know ZQ faked her on harrasement for financial gain?
The argument made there is that she shared wizardchan screencaps, and wizardchan is allegedly an anonymous board for “depressed 30 year old male virgins”, which suffer “social anxeity to the point they can’t speak to women”, and hence they are too scared to have been able to pick up the phone. Which proofs, wait for it, that ZQ faked her own harrasement. Can you spot the leap in logic there? Even if we accept for a moment that no wizardchan community member is cabaple of harassement, anyone could have made this post – anonymous message board and all.
No proof exists that she faked the harrasement for her financial gain. Her ex confirmed that she changed her phone number at the time of the incident, although in fairness he hasn’t seen “proof” of the actual harassement.

And this is only one example of the many bullshit “truths” that this whole story is build on. A lot of them follow similar patterns (“the doxx capitalized /v/, therefore: she did it herself!”), mixed up with plain wrong info (the “bike shop in Hawaii”, “mobile numbers have meaningful area codes”, “posting to tumblr was impossible” etc).

Did you know that ZQ doxxed a trans teen and ddosed TYFC? If you read the tweets in context, it becomes obvious that TFYC’s got “reddit hugged”, it was not a ddos attack. ZQ retweeted an article which had borderline doxxing in it (link to year old flickr profile with same username). Someone brought that up to her on twitter, after which she deleted the retweet.

Did you know Phil Fish hacked himself? If anyone is trying to tell you that hacking his server was impossible due to cloudfare, newsflash: they have no bloody clue what they are talking about (the compromise likely came via the corporate dropbox anyway).

Did you know AS was retweeting child porn? Someone tweeted it at HER, she linked to a “hidden” report form and included a screencap of that. The user handle in question was visible in that screencap. People so inclined could indeed look up his profile by typing down the handle from the screenshot. Still not great, but she never “retweeted CP”, and the following campain of accusing her with “spreading CP on purpose for more donations” and “reporting her to the FBI” is just disgusting.

Did you know AS faked rape and death threats for personal gain? People who think her “taking the screenshot 12s after the last tweet” is somehow proof for this obviously have never used twitter themself (hint: the timestamp does not update in real time. try it for yourself.) But, but.. no police report? Again, SFPD having nothing on file does not proof she did not speak with the authorities as she claimed. They might never have filed anything (as she expressed her frustration with the interactions). There might be others, for example, the FBI, which we know she is involved with. She moved out of her house to friends, she might have filed something elsewhere (if you take this as a call to action STOP and think about what you are about to do NOW).

I could go on and on. The seriously nutty DIGRA conspiracy, RICO charges over donation fraud, “racketeering” at IDC/IGF (seriously, look up what that word means), on and on ad nauseam.
My point is that not questioning these wild speculations and instead piling them on their “heap of proven facts” have made GG completely lose touch with reality. This is a circular, self-reinforcing process – they already “KNOW” that these people are evil, and fake rape threats for money! They know because of {list of bullshit “proof”}! So of course an email with this charity not being aware of DQ is decisive proof ZQ pocketed it all! There can’t be any other explanation! Let’s flock twitter to celebrate the massive ownage! We ware winning the war!!

Thing is, I am all up for transparency, ethics, fighting corruption and cronyism. Maybe we can have that discussion once GG has blown over. And hopefully it will then pick more relevant targets. Like, I don’t know, AAA publishers curting game journalists. Or PR companies scheduling meetings with reviewers in a brothel. But GG has completely lost it, unfairly hurting a lot of people while doing not much good. Adrenaline-fueled online hate mobs seldomly do.


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