PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

At Around Two Months In (part 1)

on October 16, 2014

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1. At around two months in, why are you still a part of #GamerGate?

Anon1: “Changes so far have been superficial and the major problems have not been addressed.”


Anon2: “Because I believe most of the harassment comes from a third party to both sides that no one can do a goddamn thing about. I’ve been called names since the beginning of time.
80s – satan worshipper
90s – nerd/geek
00s – violent criminal
10s – misogynist
Same ballte, new coat of paint. I’ve honestly ran out of fucks to give. I don’t think that anyone want women out of games, that’s stupid. (here is my rant against gamers hating women)  I think more can be done to attract women to the game industry though, but all these fucking articles going ham on gamers painting them as women hating as a whole is just scaring potentials away, leaving the low hanging fruit, when there could be so much better. I work in a place where we have many women on our IT, nobody bats an eye. I’ve played games with girls, including MMOs, where many of the females in my raids where some of the most concentrated and best. I know of many strong female characters and leads since I’ve been playing games for the last 17 years or so. Sorry that got a bit ranty. I think most of these articles and Jonathan McIntosh’s project is pure bullshit from experience. I want to make games, and I don’t want the merit of my games to be based of of the people I know or am chummy with.”


Anon3: “I originally joined #GamerGate due to the articles attacking gamers posted in early August. I mean, in what field can you brazzenly put down your readership and still have a job? It would be like TV Guide saying “TV/Movie Watchers are hateful sexist pigs” because of movies like Lethal Weapon, The Hangover, etc. Shortly after I started becoming vocal about it on Twitter, my wife joined in the fray, being a semi-avid gamer herself. Still at it now, despite it all because I feel those that are culpable have not been held accountable and punished as such. Also, until there are safegaurds in place to prevent the attacks, and further corruption that has been shown, I feel that #GamerGate should continue. It’s really a shame, as bad as it is for me to admit, Kotaku was one of my favorite sites to go to, but I feel since they personally attacked myself and my wife (not directly personal, but nonetheless I took it as such) without apology or reaction, then I must do what I can as a consumer to make them hear me.”


Anon4: “Gamers NEED Publishers/Developers (to make games)
P/D NEED Gamers (to buy the games)
Neither Need ‘Games Journalists’
‘Games Journalists’ NEED Gamers and P/D

The games industry is the relationship between the Publishers and the Consumer (Gamers). Games Journalists are a essentially a parasite on the industry. Gamers will never be over. Games Journalists are over. The arrogance of Games Journalists is astounding. As Consumers we all talk about and critic games. All views are valid and wildly different. That’s good. No-one likes to be told what to think and what to do but that’s what these Games Journalists are doing, en masse, in unison.”


Anon5: “I’m still at #GamerGate because there are nonstop baseless accusations made. Yes, I understand that GG does have problems, but no GG didn’t threaten Anita or Brianna Wu. Those accounts that did that had nothing to do with GG, also GG were the ones to report them on Twitter and to the FBI. With this blatant false accusations and misinfo going around I can’t see this ending anytime soon. Until GG is stop being made a boogeyman to blame all harassment and threats on, this won’t end.”


Anon6: “Because I feel we haven’t achieved our goals, if anything the situation has gotten worse. This idea that we’re trying to push women out of the games industry is offensive and upsetting. We’re fighting to end the misrepresentation of gamers and gaming, the people that were controlling the narrative and allowing femfreq to drive their agenda via our news media are still doing the same thing they were doing two months ago. Only now they’re claiming that we’re a hate group which is attacking women. “


Anon7: “Ever since I started using the hashtag seeing nothing but one -sided articles against gamer gate made me realize that journalism as a whole is corrupted and it need some improving I want to try to make that improvement at least when it come to gaming journalism and maybe others will follow suit.”


Anon8: “While I’m all for progressive ideologies and I consider myself an egalitarian, forcing change where said change is slowly becoming the norm is kind of sickening when I see the kind of people who actually want change say the same things as “kill all gamers” and the like. It’s just tiring after awhile. And while everyone preaches they want an open narrative I have yet to see any legitimate response to Gamergate that actually addresses it’s core concerns, most preach the same “it’s all misogyny” thing that really rubs me the wrong way, regardless of how it “started” in the first place. Summary: I haven’t seen the right response/s to it yet, not on an acceptable level, but its slowly getting there, and I will stick with it until there is.”


2. What do you specifically want to see happen before it comes to an end?

Anon1: “I’d like to see all press have equal access to content for reviews. I’d like to see the game advertising that still does exist on game sites be removed, changed to something that won’t create possible CoI. I’d like to see everyone truly open their minds to different opinions on matters. Some journalists could stand to learn a sense of perspective – it’s ok to criticize parts of games as being possibly taken as sexist, but be open to discussion and even possibly being proven wrong. Also, if a broader picture needs to be painted of poor games design, I think it’s counterproductive to try to do it piecemeal through individual reviews. Instead, address issues with broader articles exploring multiple examples to make a more concrete case. Just as an example, Kotaku’s comment policy is that your comments need to be approved. IMO, this does not work. People need to be treated innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around.”


Anon2: “Honestly it’s simple. Some of the more extremists, I feel should be judged on how they have acted this whole time. If you have a public platform, you have more responsibility to be held accountable to what you say, especially when your audience has concerns. The only other thing I want to see is indie game festivals and journalists to be transparent about people they donate to, support and have current or budding personal relationships with. Once we have come to a standard and agreement I think it’s the duty of both parties to press  the larger developers to build transparency for us consumers as well. There are problems inside and out, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


Anon3: “I’d say three things to clarify what I said above:
1) Ethics Policy adopted.
2) Ethics Policy enforced.
3) A public apology from all sites and journalists involved in the article postings mentioned above.”


Anon4: ““If all a woman talks about is feminism, she’s no feminist, she’s a narcissist”. I want people to drop this it’s anti-feminist rubbish. People largely disagree with what is said by a person, not who they are. It don’t matter if you’re male or female, black or white, old or young. If people think you talk shit, they are gonna call you a dickhead (In 140 characters or less).”


Anon5: “Specifically me? Ben Kuchera getting fired. Forget everything else, I’d drop and renounce everything if that guy got barred from the industry. Have you seen all the leaked GameJournoPros emails? They guy bullies anyone with a dissenting opinion and when people call him out he goes bananas.”


Anon6: “I would like to see retractions from a lot of websites or at least a change in tone. I would also like the accusations of misogyny to be stopped as I feel they’re ridiculous. Gamers are some of the most progressive people I know.”


Anon7: “I want to at LEAST see the people who made that “gamers are dead” make a public apology as well as improve their code of ethics. Yes there are the socially inept people who plays video games, believe I’m one of them but that doesn’t mean I am sexist or hate women. The majority gamer community is a very diverse and inclusive including groups men, women, blacks, white, latin, asian, and homosexuals. People who range from very shy to very confident. Something that I would like to see, that is less likely to happen, is both sides come together and have a huge major debate for everyone to see and have too issues of gaming be in the forefront.”


Anon8: “I just want more transparency and more focus on actual video games in the industry, especially after Milo managed to uncover that Google group. It’s a disgusting abuse of the influence they have for their own personal beliefs, which while having said beliefs is fine, should at least be more separated from their work. There has been a severe lack of trust between them and a lot of consumers for awhile now really, this is most likely the result of it.”


3. What do you consider its achievements thus far?

Anon1: “The Escapist has a well detailed ethics policy – that’s good. People can talk at least a little more freely about sexism with less fear of being instantly labeled a misogynist. It’s also shown how varied gaming fans really are. Oddly enough, I think it’s kind of shown the world that videogames are grown up and it’s time to stop treating them as toys, but as their own legitimate media.”


Anon2: “There has been many outlets that have given a voice to the disgruntled mass following the gamergate scandal. It may not be everyone, but it’s a start, and we see more and more people asking about it every day, as well as others that say “well at first I thought this but when I looked closer then I saw what was really going on” I’ve been able to voice our dissent to publishers of sites that refuse to hear us and make a difference there as well. It’s something I hate to have to resort to, but if they won’t listen to our voices, then we will make then listen to our wallets. That’s all. I feel so much of this could have been avoided all together had they not stifiled the voices of so many, loet discussion go, and not gone with the whole “Gamer audience is dead’ approach.”


Anon3: “I have made such amazing friends during this movement. I have become more involved not only in this movement, but others as well..as this seems to have broken me out of my timid shell. Most recently I would say #GamerFruit was such a breath of fresh air, that it’s convinced me to buy and eat more healthily, if not from @diceeurope, then maybe from some other importer for the US. These are just personal examples, but I would say they represent the good of #GG on the whole.”


Anon4: “There are no achievements. Everyone is tired and emotional. Gamers just want to play. Publishers want their money. And I don’t know what Games Journalist want – Gamers in burlap sacks, mucking out the stables of their pink flying unicorns of social justice? The additional voices (@Glinner @Weedon @PennyRed and others), chipping in their two cents isn’t helping. It’s bringing it to a bigger audience with it more trolls and more vitriol, There’s a lot of opportunistic people hijacking this to boost their own profile. Also, when you have a lot ( I dunno what’s a lot 300k?) plus twitter subscribers are you really helping the women getting death threats by putting a spotlight on them or are you just trying to tell the world you’re a good guy/gal? As long as the media and Games Journalists push their narrative this will continue. The lack of fair representation and unbiased journalism is exactly what Gamergate is about NOW.”


Anon5: “Escapists ethics reform. Kotaku did a half assed ethics reform but it’s something. Polygon added a lot of disclosure to Patricia Hernandez’ articles because she didn’t disclose her relationship romantic and living situations with several developers she wrote on. Funded TFYC, whether you agree or not, raising that kind of money is not any easy feat. Donated 5k to a depression charity. Brought the GamesJournoPros list to light. Got Anthony Burch to admit that he got journalist friends to give the DLC for Borderlands 2 he wrote positive reviews. At the very least it got people to start talking about ethics in gaming journalism even if you wish that it would all go away.”


Anon6: “Sadly, not many. We have helped support a campaign for a female dev competition but nothing has really changed as far as misrepresentation and poor journalism. “


Anon7: “When it comes to positive achievements I will say getting the issue of corrupt journalism out a little as well as breaking the stereotype of CIS white misogynistic males being the only people who play games.”


Anon8: “Like I said previously, the Google group would be one. A very slow shift in a select few policies of gaming sites would be another. Actually getting very harsh and very negative responses, in its own way, is one as well just for the blatant proof it provides towards someones character, like the comparisons to ISIS and the other responses I said in the first point. I could list a few more but they would be in the same vein, and they’re out there. All one has to do is do their own research, which many don’t do sadly enough.”


One response to “At Around Two Months In (part 1)

  1. Hi, I think that these people bring up great points but I feel like The GameJournoPros mailing list is never talked about. When GJP was discovered it confirmed everyones suspicions that gaming journalists had been colluding and all contacted each other about forming narratives an example of this can be found here http://i.imgur.com/OhLayK2.jpg

    There are many people who say that gamergate is all about attacking women, I’ve seen this happen and I won’t deny that people in our own community do it as well and that they’re extremists who think you should be deprogrammed from the matriarchy and other B.S. but as a law student and normal human being I can tell you that not everybody believes this and that the vast vast vast majority of us are facing real oppression against gaming media and the actual media who just call us misogynistic. Apart from the random jag acting superior to non gaters I have to say that Gaters are definitively not responsible for the death threats on women in the industry and I have proof to back it up. It has long been assumed that a third and 4th party had been screwing with both sides and here they are. and I don’t think it just ends with them.



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