PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

GamerGate as a Defence of ‘Internet Culture’

on October 16, 2014

My main “beef” with #GamerGate (and the hashtags relating to it, such as #NotYourShield, etc.) isn’t just that it’s vitriolic from it’s very inception, but it’s also because of major thing most people are not taking into account here.  To me, the whole thing is not about persevering the “gamer” label, nor is it about the general “gamer” culture, or, indeed, about video games at all.  If anything, this is more about these people preserving the utterly shitty, vitriolic world of “Internet culture”.  An “Internet culture” of chastising other people as “faggots” and harassing them to no end; sown from both the “lawless” form of the Internet — which allowed horrible people to come in and say whatever they wanted — and (what I believe were) the seeds of early-2000s Something Awful, and fertilized by websites like 4chan (originating directly from SA), Encyclopedia Dramatica and many, many more.

Because if it wasn’t about that, then why else would a majority of #GG backers (and harassers of Zoe/Antia/etc.) originate from 4chan, or at the very least, subscribe to the mentality of 4channers (i.e. using Internet words like “lel”, using the “Le Happy Merchant” Jew stereotype picture as their avatars, etc.)?  Why else would the “unofficial” ringleader/main perpetrator of #GamerGate be none other than Jim “InternetAristocrat”?  Why else would the harassers of #GG using tactics (“doxxing”, etc.)that could only be described as “trolling [tactics]”?
You especially have to take into account Jim “InternetAristocrat”‘s (also known by the past aliases Jim81Jim and GamesGoodMeBad) history: This man was known for being a troll, first having started (what I believe was) his own forum entitled “Bullshit Forums”, maintaining a moderate but dedicated “fanbase” of rabid lunatics.  Some short time later, Bullshit Forums was essentially “liquidated” into another trolling site: METOKUR, run by Ezekiel/James Habermann (I should note that he is now a retired and reformed troll).
After METOKUR was shut down, Habermann decided to focus his attention on his own brand of Let’s Plays he was making (which at the time were being posted on SA,where he used to go on) under his LP “brand” called “The Dinner Dates”, which Jim and his own set of friends also “jumped boat to”.  That is, right up until their “termination” due to Jim & Co. essentially being “gross, unfunny asshole[s]” — direct quote from Habermann.  (Jim himself seems to maintain and hint that he was quietly kicked out and/or left on his own accord, but whatever.)
With Jim’s background, as well as his more “recent” antics (such as, prior to #GG, perpetrating the mainly-4chan rally against the Kickstarter project “Mighty No. 9″‘s“feminist” community manager, Dina Abou Karam), in mind, I think it should be clear to you why I’m more than a little “cautious” about the #GG and its participants (not to mention literally everyone who is a subscriber/follower of Jim, including but not limited to “MundaneMatt”, “thunderf00t” and major actor and apparent #GG-supporter Adam Baldwin).
But putting him and his history aside; I really tried to listen to both sides of this conflict — the so-called “SJWs” and “anti-SJWs” (which I should probably make clear aren’t really “MRAs” like some people are making them out to be, since this particular “side” has a tendency to make unfunny “fedora” jokes towards actual MRAs)  — but it’s very hard for me to do so when [the loudest/most vocal of the “anti-SJWs” are basically shouting “HAHAHAHAHA FUCK ALL OF YOU BUTTHURT TRIGGERED SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE FAGGOTS AND YOUR SHITTY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS; YOU SHOULD ALL KILL YOURSELVES” (paraphrasing/hyperbole, I know, but that really is the general consensus).
You also have to understand that these people truly believe in being “hardened by reality” (be that “reality” 4chan or what-have-you), and deliberately cutting themselves off from “worthless garbage like ’emotions’ and ‘feelings'”, willingly desensitizing themselves.  And from what I’ve gathered, this side also essentially wants an “anarchic world” where anyone’s free to say whatever [abrasive/vitriolic] crap they want about anything.  In fact, this “SJW war” was already in some semblance of effect way before #GG (such as, for instance, the 4chan Tumblr raid), but has since post-#GG been propelled to an insane 120% full capacity.
The main problem with the “anti-SJWs” problem is, even if certain/”all” “SJWs” truly were lying, hypocritical, scamming and/or overly abusive and abrasive “bad people” (nevermind them being “oversensitive”, which I kinda disagree on), they themselves do not find it just a little bit ironic that they’re doing the exact same things they’re accusing/criticizing the “SJWs” of.  And I’d fully expect them to respond to that point with something along the lines of: “No we don’t, because they fully deserved that shit to begin with.  ‘What comes around goes around’, fags.”
To which my response would be: “Then I don’t think you should really be doing this at all to begin with.”
Hell, I don’t even think that the more extreme of the “SJWs” are this fucking bad (feel free to prove me wrong, though!).

2 responses to “GamerGate as a Defence of ‘Internet Culture’

  1. Jennie's bottle o hairdye says:

    My main “beef” with #GamerGate (and the hashtags relating to it, such as #NotYourShield, etc.) isn’t just that it’s vitriolic from it’s very inception

    I love articles I can stop reading after the first sentence. Saves time.


  2. David John-Bores says:

    Oh man, I’m glad someone brought else up Jim’s history. The guy is an utter scumbag and I’m ashamed for liking him during my misanthropic teen years.


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