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TFYC, Their Relationship with Autobotika + Charity Proportions

A few days ago I received an email from an anonymous person who had some questions regarding TFYC – especially about transparency, who noted it was interesting these points hadn’t come up in the #GamerGate discussion.

With that in mind, I’ll share the major points they made – and I’ve emailed TFYC for their answers on four questions about this. The questions asked were:

1. When did Matthew become an executive producer at Autobotika and what does that role involve?
2. What is the relationship between TFYC and Autobotkia?
3. If there is a direct financial link between the two, has this been shown openly or has it been obfuscated?
4.What portion of the proceeds actually go to charity? The Indiegogo page says all, but the breakdown says 74%. Are you aware that this may actually break Indiegogo’s terms of service?
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