PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

GamerGate’s Achievements Thus Far

I asked the hashtag for a list of what GamerGate has achieved/caused/found out thus far. Here are the results.

[PixieJenni note: these are not necessarily what I consider achievements but as stated, will be keeping personal bias off this post. This is simply want I’ve been sent as successes]

As always you can email pixiegamergate@gmail.com and you will be kept anonymous (just like in the answer sections!)

  •  Kotaku made a change in it’s policies about Patreon here – on 26th August
  • The Escapist changed it’s ethics policy – here – on 8th September 
  • Breitbart listed who was on the GameJournoPros list here22nd September
  • TFYC funded (unsure of exact amount via GG) here26th September
  • Intel pulled ads from Gamasutra (1 October?) and made a statement here on 3rd October
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) pulled ads from Gamasutra – here source dated 14th October [this has been questioned here]
  • The Ralph Retort claims to have proven collusion at the Guardian here16th October [there is discussion over whether they actually have]
  • Various charity drives including: Bullying Prevention, Suicide Prevention, Action Against Hunger

I’ve been sent the claim that GG tracked down one of Anita’s harassers – however this will not be included until I see it confirmed by law enforcement (I’m wary of including incorrect information!).

I’ve also been sent reference to Total Biscuit’s reveal about the Shadow of Mordor stuff but since this wasn’t undertaken as part of GG, and he’s done similiar on his own terms before, I am not including it.

Was sent this about EA and whistle blowing which came out during GG and ma ybe part of it? Would need more to confirm (send me stuff!).

Currently looking into this (Destructoid/GameJournoPros stuff) further before adding to list.



9 responses to “GamerGate’s Achievements Thus Far

  1. J Stark says:


    Raising $5,400 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,

    Over 10k to an anti-bullying charity.


  2. t0ss says:

    Hmmm I think it’s tough to call some of these “achievements.” As a movement about ethics in journalism, the only thing contributing to that was The Escapists ethics policy rewrite. The GameJournoPros looks like networking. Intel and MEDC ads getting pulled had nothing to do with ethics or any of the “core ideals,” especially considering their “what you should say” post about the “boycotts” many members participate in directs advertisers to Gamergate supporting websites as “sites they will be visiting instead.” Also frequently lying about their actual intentions of purchasing products. (“For those who play WoW, and will not leave at any rate, know that you can still participate in this Boycott.” -BotD – Blizzard)

    The ralph retort part is nothing but an assumption from very limited information. The TFYC thing is great, but again is not actually part of the stated “actual meaning” of Gamergate.


  3. Don’t bother sending her stuff, it doesn’t even get liked or re-shared anyways


  4. […] shadow; I want them to be with me examining ethics, looking at corruption. So far, I’ve seen nothing really worth celebrating and everything worth […]


  5. […] Gamergate has done good things. Gamergate supporters pushed to support a group called The Fine Young Capitalists, who ran a game jam to help women get into the industry, after TFYC had a public spat with Zoe Quinn. A handful of Gamergate supporters ran a drive to donate money to the Humble Leading Ladies bundle, which ran during the middle of September, pushing “#Gamergate” to the number one donors list. There have also been charity drives in favour of anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and Action Against Hunger. […]


  6. Honestly, I’m worried that this will hurt gaming in the long run and will outdo the good it has done with the bad. The last few years have been an interesting time with gaming starting to be more recognised as an art form in the mainstream but with the ugly press and ugly fights displayed here, it might have set our community back more than it pushed us forward. Only time will tell, I guess.


    • Trevor says:

      The ugly press was inevitable due to the bullshit Anita’s been spewing. That’s why so many of us have spoken up against her rather than just ignoring her mob’s harassment. There would be no negative press if it weren’t for people like Anita and Quinn…


  7. Trill says:

    that tracking the dude down thing? about that. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sd1p7u


  8. wrarebit says:

    “Was sent this about EA and whistle blowing which came out during GG and maybe part of it? Would need more to confirm (send me stuff!).”

    Here is the reddit thread in question


    The information about the hacked accounts is removed now. You can see the original here:


    “During my tenure at a large publisher, our community forum was hacked, and the information of over 40,000 members (including names, and email addresses) was downloaded and stolen. The publisher suppressed this information. When my contract had expired I approached a writer about this, and he declined to publish the story because he was close friends with people who work at this publisher and the publisher’s local office.”

    The OP is jaded former member of the Australian journalism scene talks mostly about the he sees as corruption inside of it. He talks about people being friendly with publishers.

    There are responses from actual Game Journalists who explain how networking works. You can say some laugh him off directly.

    (By the way AusGamers have a separate set of freelance staffer who don’t work with the editor who is married to the EA PR person. That’s how they avoid conflict of interest.)

    Somebody form AusGamers says he’s almost sure that the OP is somebody who used to be a troll on their forum.

    Notice that the original post makes absolutely no mention of GamerGate.

    The RalphReport report ran a story on it declaring it as a victory for GamerGate.

    Meanwhile a Game Journalism site that was contacted by an anonymous source (apparently the author of the post) did actual research and ran a story on it days later. The site was Kotaku Australia:



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