PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

My View On The Results

@PixieJenni here! I’ll be updating this page as time goes on and I add more results in. For now, points I find interesting or important to note.

To those discussing this, some vital points I’d ask you to follow:

  • Please try to use gender-neutral descriptors (such as “the people who responded” or “their responses”). I can guarantee not all the responses come from men.
  • Please try to avoid assuming race/nationality – again, people have flagged up that they’re not white and/or not American in their responses
  • Please try to avoid assuming sexuality – again, people have mentioned this in responses.
  • Not everyone responding is a teenager, so please also avoid assuming that!

Regardless of whether you think there are some fake accounts in use in places like #notyourshield – I would agree with you that there are some – I ask you not to assume all, and not to assume gender, race, sexuality or age when discussing this.

In question 3 of Game Reviews and Pushing Agendas, I refer to “poorly designed female body types”. Many people answering this question assumed I meant ‘sexy’ and often said it was prudish to try and remove sexiness. It’s important to note that I didn’t say sexy for a reason – I have no problem with sexy, I have a problem with sexy to the point it’s physically impossible (see: Escher Girls)

One point that I’ve seen raised a lot that I would like to see more discussion on (outside of #GamerGate so it gets the attention it deserves) is the censorship of Japanese games.

Regarding the Academic Conspiracy, I find it interesting how many people assume the people studying the games are academics who suddenly turned towards games, rather than people who play games who became academics. In my experience, those I have encountered are almost always the latter.



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