PixieJenni talks GamerGate with both 'sides'

WordClouds from the Data

Using www.wordle.net I’ll be creating wordclouds whenever I’m up to date on a category. Please remember these are without context, and only state what words are common, not the context they’re used in! But if one intrigues you, I recommend heading over to that category.

Method used: copy and pasted all the answers on the site for that question – you can read the full answers in the appropriate categories. There is a chance I’ve messed up somewhere (double-posted one thing and missed another by accident, etc) so if you repeat it and get a different result, please let me know so I can double-check!

GamerGate + You [up to and including part 10]

1. Why did you personally get involved with the #GamerGate tag?
Words removed: people, just, GamerGate, game

2. What do you think the major goal of #GamerGate is?
Words removed: people, gamergate

3. Is this your main goal, or do you have something else you’d like to see addressed too?
Words removed: people, like

4. How do you feel about the negative things that have happened attached to this tag? Do you think they take away from it, or that they’re separate?
Words removed: people

5. Are there any things #GamerGate seems to be addressing that you disagree with?
Words removed: people, gamergate, think, gaming

6. Are there any things #GamerGate is ignoring that you want it to talk about?
Words removed: think, gamergate, people



Game Reviews and Pushing Agendas [up to and including part 10]

1. What do you count as “pushing an agenda”? Can you give me an example?
Words removed: game, games, pushing, agenda, example

2. Do you think there are any “agendas” that are okay to push in game reviews, or not at all?
Words removed: agenda (game/games left in this time, as context is usually in the sense of ‘game-related ones’!)

3. Do you have an issue with any of these three things, and if so (or if not), why?

  • STATEMENT A: “I think this game has poorly designed female body types and it’s somewhat sexist in how it portrays them” -> Game changes body types
  • STATEMENT B: “I think this game has poorly designed weaponry and I find it very boring and unintuitive” -> Game changes weapons
  • STATEMENT C: “I think this game has made poor choices in promoting actual weapons and linking to arm manufactures in doing so and it’s glorifying war by doing this” -> Game changes weapons

No wordcloud for this because it’s tricky to do (due to the different ways people have answered it) and probably wouldn’t be that useful because of that.


The Academic Conspiracy [up to and including part 4]

1. What are your problems with the supposed academic conspiracy (the whole DiGRA thing)?
Words removed: people, like, think, games, just, conspiracy


2. Do you think that this discussion was exceptional in terms of academic niches, or fairly standard?
Words removed: academic, think, academia, academics, answer


3. What concerns you most about potential academic links?
Words removed: people


4. Anything else you would like to add on this?
Words removed: answer, given, people, conspiracy (this means there’s a lot more “no answers” than may appear in this, so this is less representative of the results as a whole. It also makes ‘bad’ stand out more, though this is likely linked with ‘not particularly bad’, rather than ‘it is bad’, I would suggest)



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